3D Models of African Volcanos

NEW !!! Interactive 3-D models of African Volcanos. View in your web browser (Must be HTML5 compatible, eg. Firefox.11 or Google Chrome), zoom in with mouse wheel, then rotate, pan and tilt with left and right mouse buttons.
When more volcanoes are added, there will be an interactive map

Mount Kenya, natural colour Landsat 8 2014 image with ASTER DEM. click here A deeply eroded shield volcano
Mount Cameroon, false colour and principal components images false colour image PCA 7-3-2 image Mount Cameroon is still active, the last major eruption being in 1999. The western slopes are one of the wettest areas in the world, and cloudless images are rare.
Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Three main volcanos make up the island, the highest being the extinct Pico Basil. Click for false-colour image
Jabal Mara (Sudan) 2013 Landsat 8 false-colour (5=R; 6= G; 4=B) image. click here A dormant volcano in the Darfur area of Sudan, acting as a "water-tower", inducing precipitation which waters the surrounding slopes.
The Tibesti Massif in northern Chad has a range of spectacular volcanos. The highest is Emi Koussi, with a salt lake in the caldera The youngest volcano is Tarso Tousside, which erupted very dark and very fluid lava. Note the saline deposits in the Trou de Natron caldera to the south-east A PCA image distinguishes recent lava flows. The Tarso Toon caldera exposes much lighter, presumably more acid material in its core
Virunga Volcanos (DRC, Rwanda, Uganda) Landsat 5 false-colour images, 1997. Nyiragongo, A very active volcano. Lava buried parts of the town of Goma in 2002. Nyamuragira, The most active volcano in Africa, one of the worlds major natural sources of sulphur dioxide Virunga One of the last refuges of mountain gorillas
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa's highest mountain. Landsat 7 2000 image. The highest peak, with a large crater and snow and ice (purple) is Kibo, while the very eroded peak to the east is Mawenzi.
Mt Meru (Tanzania), Landsat 7 2000 image click here Mount Meru was once a symmetrical cone much higher than today. The eastern side collapsed in a major eruption, covering large areas with mud-slides
Oldonyo Lengai, Tanzania. A natural colour image of this beautiful volcano in the Rift Valley
Hanang, Tanzania. An extinct volcano over 3000 metres high adjacent to the main Rift. The Balangida soda lake is immediately west.
Mount Elgon, on the border of Uganda and Kenya. This extinct and deeply eroded volcano has extensive summit grasslands surrounded by dense forest. There is a major fire in the grassland in this January 2015 image.