relative consumption of starchy staples Burundi
Poverty levels and farming systems in the Niger Delta, Nigeria

poverty map of Nigeria, 2003
map of changes in child nutrition levels in West Africa, 2007

Socio-Economic Data

Analysis and visualisation of socio-economic data such as nutrition and livelihoods is vital in planning and monitoring agricultural and infrastructure development, as well as in natural resources conservation.

Christopher Legg has analysed socio-economic data for forest conservation programmes in Indonesia, and for a range of agricultural projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

A key factor in visualising socio-economic data, which is usually collected from samples of households, is to accurately extrapolate point data to larger areas. Early experience with geostatistical analysis in evaluation of mineral deposits has been succesfully utilised to extrapolate human data in African studies.

Major projects undertaken include Poverty Mapping in Nigeria for IITA, and a wide-ranging study of Child Nutrition in West Africa for ReSAKSS-WA

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