Christopher Legg, GIS and RS Consultant

Christopher Legg provides consultancy services in GIS and Remote Sensing, especially related to tropical forestry and agriculture, to mineral and groundwater exploration, and for emergency response to natural disasters. He has lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia, and is currently based in Bristol, UK.

He has extensive experience of the application of remote sensing and GIS techniques to mineral exploration, environmental, conservation and renewable resources issues in Africa, the Middle East and South and South-East Asia, and was a pioneer in the application of remote sensing to mineral exploration in central and east Africa and Saudi Arabia, and also in field data collection using GPS and mobile computers.

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Contact him at email Christopher Legg or by telephone at (++44) 7783597147 or (++44) 1179041533 for assistance with your GIS or remote sensing problem

EBook on Geological Remote Sensing Published in 2014 and revised in 2018.

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