Links to data sources, Software, Publications and Presentations

Administrative Boundaries and other Vector Data

GADM database of Global Administrative Areas
A range of global vector and raster datasets selected for use in the DIVA freeware GIS system
Up to date shapefiles of administrative boundaries, communications and infrastructure for Democratic Republic of Congo
A table (frequently updated?) of administrative divisions by country

Digital Elevation Models

Download SRTM and Aster DEMs for the entire global landmass
Free registration required,same ID and password as for GLOVIS satellite imagery.

Population and Agricultural Data

WORLDPOP. Resampled population rasters for the whole world at a range of resolutions
The Harvest Choice Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM) website. Download agricultural production grids

Natural Disasters

The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System website, maintained by JRC. Provides information on natural disasters and links to other disaster information sites

Free Satellite Imagery

Download free Landsat and Sentinel imagery for the whole worldFree registration required

Free and Open Source GIS and RS Software

Download free DIVA GIS software, data and instruction manuals
Download free and open source QGIS software for Windows, Linux and Apple
Download free MultiSpec satellite image processing software
DNR Garmin. A very useful utility for downloading GPS data from Garmin GPS units and converting to ArcView shapefiles

Download Publications, Unpublished Reports and Presentastions by Christopher Legg

Geological papers and reports

Chromite-ilmenite associations in the Merensky Reef as PDF
Geophysical Groundwater exploration in Lusaka as PDF
Hot Springs of Zambia as MOBI(Kindle) or PDF
Tourist Guide to Lochinvar Hot Springs as PDF
Metal Ratio Diagrams applied to volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits as PDF file
Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide Deposits in time and space" as PDF file
Geology and reserves of the Faleme Iron deposits, Senegal as doc
Report on Kamativi tin mine, Zimbabwe as doc
Geology and mineral potential of the Mamfe Basin, Cameroon as doc
Re-appraisal of the geology of the Shantumbu Area, Zambia as doc
Proposed exploration programme in the Zambezi Licence, Zambia as doc
Powerpoint presentation of a Geologists life in Africa as Powerpoint

Remote Sensing and GIS

Paper on historic MSS acquisition over British Isles
Report on applications of meteorological satellite imagery for monitoring large flooding events
Report on monitoring rangeland fires using Meteosat imagery
Report on applications of multiband airborne SAR for mapping agriculture and forestry.
The 1991 Gulf oil slick as PDF file
Forest Mapping in Sri Lanka as PDF file.
The 1997 fires in Indonesia as PDF file
Presentation on the IFRIS GIS system

Targeting volcanogenic mineralisation in Afar Ethiopia using Landsat TM Imagery as doc
Using Aster imagery for targeting in Afar, Ethiopia as doc file

Other Subjects

Presentation on deforestation in Southern Sumatera
Presentation on tree species distribution in Southern Sumatera
Presentation on 3d visualisation of forest trees
Paper on the Camflores Simile model
Presentation on Simile modelling of forest villages in Cameroon
Presentation on details of the CamFlores model
Presentation on personal experiences of field data collection with mobile computers
Ebook (Kindle format) of West African Child Nutrition Survey
Presentation on ReSAKKS Child Nutrition Survey as powerpoint
Report on Emergency Response as PDF file.
Presentation on Site Selection process for SSA-CP Project as powerpoint
Notes on computing developments as PDF file.
Notes on personal experience with GPS as DOC file.
Nutrition Levels in East Africa written for the C3P Project
Paper summarising applications of GIS for plant disease monitoring and control written for the C3P Project