fires in Sumatera, 1997
probability of tropical storms, madagascar and mozambique
earthquakes and volcanos, Europe and Middle East

Emergency Response

While at the NRSC, Farnborough, Christopher worked on the use of low-cost, high temporal frequency satellite imagery for monitoring large scale flooding and rangeland fires in Southern Africa.

During the First Gulf War, in January and February 1991, Christopher monitored the giant Kuwait oil slick on a twice-daily basis using NOAA AVHRR imagery, and provided progress reports to the UK Cabinet Office and Ministry of Defence. This work was later published as a note and cover illustration in the International Journal of Remote Sensing

While in Indonesia working in forestry, Christopher monitored the severe 1997 forest fires in Sumatera and Kalimantan on behalf of the European Union as part of the EUFREG team, using remote sensing and other data from the Internet to produce daily reports over a period of more than two months. download paper on fires

More recently, he has undertaken a consultancy on emergency response for a major international charity, and produced maps of natural hazards for many parts of the less developed world, as well as establishing a system to guide emergency response by the charity. (for a report on this work, download here) He continues to monitor natural disasters in real-time through the Internet.